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Calgary Flood 2013

By now, the worst of the Flood is over. I've experienced rainfall and a few floods, but nothing on this scale. I count myself extremely fortunate as our family is located far from the river and up on higher ground.

The tsunami of water that continues to flow quickly down the river is so extreme that it wasn't far off from the flows of the Niagara Falls, except it the color was a turbid brown full of who knows what.

This whole experience has been so surreal. Friday it continued to rain, but the intensity just didn't let up. The City began to share evacuation notices around lunch time and strongly advised everyone in affected areas to leave work and go home and pack. From there, it only got more and more intense. News reports upstream showing the devastation of High River and Canmore just reinforced how insane this flood was going to be. I kept hearing stories of friends being evacuated.

But then something else happened. I heard of other friends, and even complete strangers opening up their homes and hearts. Friends boarding other friends. Completely strangers opening up their homes to people they didn't even know. And it kept going and going. I think these stories are what make the Calgary Flood just so amazing. The flood of love and hope that has spread has just been an amazing phenomenon. It has not restored my faith and love in humanity, but re-energized it too.

Stories keep flowing, people keep sharing and as a community, I know that Calgary, and Alberta will be better for it. Still, I think the best is yet to come.
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