Raymond Wong (razorw) wrote,
Raymond Wong

Winding Down...

Trying to wind down people's crises. There's still quite a bit going on, and I'm need to spend more time with me. There is a natural progression, and this is what I see. I think this is some of the loneliness that people talk about.

My strategy of keeping myself busy with other things so I don't have to think about it, doesn't work anymore. Two major events happened for a few friends over the last few days. One, a friend lost their job due to a round of layoffs. Going through something similar over a decade ago, I do understand the torn feelings of betrayal and anger. Though, I do believe they will rebound quickly after a nice trip to Vancouver. That, and maybe a pet, or another addition to the family will help too... *wink.

My other friend has called off her engagement. I've been consoling her as a friend and trying to support her, but also challenge her as well. Relationships fail for many reasons, and there's more than enough blame to go around. It doesn't take away that they both might be great people, but just not meant for each other... If there's something there in the future, then it is what it is... Was able to convince her to take a brief trip to NYC for a few days to unwind and check-in.

My buddy morpheus_23 is in town, and we haven't had a chance to catch up. His daughter isn't feeling well, and been bouncing around from hospital to clinic. They fly out tomorrow, so will have to make arrangements to see him next time around, or fly out there. Still trying to add up all my vacation days left for the year.. I am torn to take a trip, as the economics aren't there for me, but it would a good break as well....
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