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Weekend is a bit of a bust... Was waiting for my buddy to show up, and his little girl got sick. Trying to meet up with him and the newest member of the family. Understandably, shit happens, and bad timing...

Parents are starting to ween themselves into retirement... so far only poking and prodding into the life of my siblings and leaving me unscathed so far..

My brother got busted tonight for liking a girl. Pretty easy for mom to catch. You know, when she shows up and picks him up. He shaves for the first time in weeks, and showers and goes out and looks presentable. Hah! One day, he's just gotta ask her out. Otherwise he's going to lose her, and not like being that guy who wasn't there...

Pushed a friend to do some last minute traveling over the weekend. They were struggling with a few things in their personal life, and things just came to ahead. I think they are over the hump now, but I also think they have a bit more strength and resolve to move forward, whatever that future looks like... Been so used to text messaging them quite a bit over the last few months, I've realized I need to disconnect...

Had the most amazing sushi on Friday evening with silvenwolf. Just doesn't summarize it. She's already spoken up that I host a birthday party event there. Should be quite interesting. There's also a few other events that she has invited herself too. Usually I'm the one dragging people to things, so this is a bit different, though I sense a lot of fun.

Met up with a co-worker for lunch on Thursday. She called me on a few things. She was having an off day, but I've just been off completely for a while. It was uncomfortable, but I did need to hear the feedback. I don't want to hide things, but I do need to be selective about the information I share. I have no issues with sharing it with her, but others who I work with, I don't have that luxury or feeling. The battle lines are being drawn and I have to know where I stand. More importantly, I need to be prepared to defend, or to walk away, or both...

I have a few weeks of vacation remaining for the year. Trying to not kill too much time off, so I am curious as to what to do. I am starting to find that I hate traveling alone, and the destinations don't interest me. Perhaps maybe its more about the stories and people. Might have an opportunity to leave a bit further for vacation, but not sure how I feel about that...

Two big news items this week were Lance and Neil Armstrong. Despite all this efforts generating publicity and money to the cancer research and making the world a better place, he still cheated, and hasn't taken responsibility. The fact that he's given up, just tells me that the truth is probably more likely not what he's saying... We may never know what that is, but I have little respect for him. Neil on the other hand, a legend, a pioneer. While he never bathed in the spotlight, I have huge admiration for the way he lived life. On his terms. Probably one of humanity's best ambassadors. RIP Neil Armstrong.
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