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Canadian holiday meant that Tuesday was the first day of the week. Extremely rough day. Almost broke down at work. Struggling a bit from the ups and downs from the weekend. Falling for someone, I cannot fall for. My friend Holly is challenging me on that one, and she's probably right. I just don't believe in being in a relationship when you haven't gotten your own crap together.

Having dual roles means a bit of a personality conflict at times. Can't be in two places at once. Pissing people off is not a good way to start the day, nor is being late.

Then after the dust settles, in the afternoon, I hear about an extended family member who is in the hospital because they were found in a field. Yes, a fucking field... Apparently, they went out for a walk, and then couldn't walk anymore and collapsed and tried crawling. They were found by a teenager who called an ambulance. I almost lost it at work. I had such a hard time trying to keep things together. I don't get along with that side of the family, but they are probably the one person who I will always have respect for.

Not sure how long it was that they were lying in the field, but long enough, that they are in the hospital for toxins to clear out of their system. I am so angry and hurt. Where was his cell phone? This is going to be the biggest reason why my mom is getting a cell phone later this year from me.

Its really fortunate that he's going to be okay. I have to be really thankful by the grace of God that he's okay.

Came home to login to my other job for remote computer support. Was butting heads with a few colleagues in regards to supporting our clients. A lot more so than usual. Ultimately, calmer heads prevailed, but I think it was a clear reflection of my day.

Just gotta keep battling.

Tonight, I am wide awake after being asleep for a few hours.