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Can't remember the last time I've updated this. Went to a recording studio on Friday. First time. Never in my life would I ever think I would step foot into an environment like that. We were doing recordings for our annual report, making it audio based. Will share when we have the final product.

Quite a busy day. A course celebration lunch with some fellow colleagues, and then an inter-agency meeting with a partner for a new youth initiative in the fall. I am really lucky to be able to get to some pretty interesting and exciting things.

Tonight, I went over to a sushi place, where I know the owners. Got a call yesterday that they were having some computer issues. Fortunately when I came over, no issues at all. Sushi was delicious. It was nice to chat with the very cute couple. Starting to learn more about them. I feel they treat me like family. Very sweet. I've helped them out a few times with some computer stuff, sometimes not so successful. Still, this is where, friendship is more valuable than money.

Later in the evening caught up with a very special friend. The candidness and honesty of our friendship keeps driving me forward. I think we both needed it. I think I need it more than her. At least tonight. Been struggling with a few things at work and in life lately. Haven't been able to bounce anything off my chest until tonight.