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Finally starting not to look like chipmunk. Already have a fat face, but after getting wisdom teeth (and another 2 molars out), trying to get back to normal.

It was brutal. I can see why people do it when they are younger. I still feel rawness in my mouth a few weeks later. Did lose 25lbs in the first four days though. Need to lose a lot more than that, so a nice benefit. Trying to figure out how to pay it off. Benefits are a lot crappier than I expect, and so I'll be footing a bill of nearly $7K by the end of it all. $5K is for some implants that I need to get in six months time, so that's going to drain a few resources and/or vacations...

Not only do I feel like getting kicked in the teeth, but reduced hours at Best Buy is hurting the cash flow. Funny, how both happened at nearly the same time. Need to look at some alternatives...

Trying to get back in the rhythm of work has been a bit rough. Talked to my boss about it, and she gave me the advice, "You an elephant, one bite at a time", to which I responded, "Which elephant?!?". I want to start avoid meetings at work. Seems after every meeting, I'm working another new project, and another tight deadline. Yet another elephant.

People are disappearing left, right and centre... With the issues with my teeth, I'm just not a very happy person these days. Mostly not deliberate, just everyone is busy. Not to mention, people in new relationships, babies on the way, or getting married. I really empathize with those who live with pain on a daily basis. Teeth pain is not fun. Thankfully, tylenol3 and advil have been good company.