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POS systems

Just got back trying to help a friend setup a new restaurant. Sushi. Mmmmm. The POS that he picked up is really a POS. Support is terrible and design doesn't work. They didn't even give proper cables for the printing system.

Apparently, it was also setup to 'plug and play' and 'work out of the box'. I don't understand how companies are still active and running with this sort of setup. Finally at 3pm this afternoon, after 5 hours of working on it, I called it quits. Just too many issues, with networking, and configuration. Support is terrible, and condescending. There's also, the fact that these machines, a few generations old (recycled), are running extremely hot. I also get the feeling that even though each machine was setup, they didn't actually test and network the machines together to ensure they are 'working'. Just asking for trouble. We cut our losses, and we'll find a local solution.

He also mentioned to me if I'm interested in meeting someone overseas. Uhhh... well ... didn't say yes, but wasn't a no either. We'll see how this pans out...

Tonight, one of my very close friends, who has dropped off the planet over the last few months is bringing the new bf out. Should be good. It'll be nice to meet him, and catch up some friends...