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Rough Week

Just struggling a lot this week. Health, friends, work ... things are just not what they seem. Age and time has a way of stripping away certain things no matter how solid they may seem. Change and survive. Be static and die... That seems to be the mantra these days... not keeping up, or leading the charge as I would like.

I want to share in the happiness of others and their successes, but I'm just not there right now. I think I've used up my allocation of empathy for 2012. Being a hermit, and focusing on things that I can change right now. Don't have much to lean on right now. Just talked to a old friend today. she's big in the the UFOs right now. Not a joke. I just don't even know what to say...

Everything seems to be a fight or a battle, and while I don't mind fighting, I know I can't win every battle. Some battles, I don't I'll fight this lifetime..

The world has a way of providing what you need, when you need it though. Need to reach out and accept it.