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Vancouver .. Vegas... Boston ... NYC

A few trips booked in the next few weeks, trying to kill the 10 days of vacation I have left for the year... Flying into Vancouver, meeting up with Princess and then flying down to Vegas on Wednesday. Doing the reverse back on Sunday. Should be tonnes of fun. We haven't got anything booked except for flight and hotel. Both of us are overdue for a vacation. Just some downtime... Will take it as it goes..

Boston and NYC is booked as well. Flying into Boston on the 30th and then taking a bus onto NYC. With the way flights were looking into NYC, it was going to be about the same cost as a layover anyway, or at least not much more. I can't wait to explore Boston a bit, even just for a day or so. Can't wait to meet up with soonja.

As for NYC, we've got Wicked Musical booked on December 4th. Other than that, I've left the plans with my friends. I'm pretty flexible and easy going. I think it'll take another trip or two to figure out NYC... Heheh..

2011 will end on a great note!