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Free Weekend...

This is the first weekend I can remember in a long time where I haven't worked since Thursday night... Its a big deal, as work has manifested into being more and more of my time. Still, this was a big weekend of events.

Went out drinking with co-workers on Thursday night. Including one really cute one. Its hard having boundaries, but sometimes that is best. Also realized how lame I really am these days. I don't have much to say or talk about outside of work. Sometimes I just need to get into some trouble to feel alive...

I'm thankful for the friends I have now. One of my buddies graduated with his PhD, so it was good to catch up with his friends and family. I think there was three friends who were convocating that day, and I missed out due to staffing at work. Still it was nice. Time seems to be flying by. Can't believe 2011 is coming to an end..

Toronto was a good trip. Spent over $1100 in shopping in Buffalo, and got to catch up with a few friends over in Ontario. Its been a while since I've slept in the same house as a newborn. Waking up to baby Sophia at 7am, saying "Pa-pa..Papa...Papah" is pretty cute. No need for an alarm clock. The other side of things is that we had accidentally left Sophia's sleeping baby doll in the hotel in Buffalo. So the night after, we had to endure Sophia's screaming for a few hours as she would not sleep without her baby doll.. Next day, as soon as we got up, we ran around trying to find a baby doll. Even driving the 4 hours there and back to Buffalo would have been worth it. Thankfully we found her 'baby doll' at a nearby Toys R Us.

The other highlights from the Toronto trip was walking through the Art Gallery of Ontario with Gigi and Sophia. We had just done a walk through downtown Chinatown in Toronto, and a lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant before returning to our parking spot outside the Art Gallery. Sophia behaved quite well and was quite mesmerized by the exhibits. Pretty good considering she's only 15 months.. Both Gigi and I are not art folks, and it was just a bit funny when people were talking about Chagall and neither of us had a clue. Dim sum on the last day was pretty good too. Seems I am the local dim sum expert ordering away. Its a bit of a tradition when I come out to visit.. I think Sophia will figure out chopsticks the next time I come visit.

Caught up with Jean over Japanese food. There's something refreshing catching up with a close friend and swapping stories. I think I'll be attending her wedding within a few years..

Work has been crazy busy. Somehow I can add up to 6 jobs on the go.. Spent a few days setting up a laptop for one job, and trying to really wrap up another. I think once these two start picking up, I can drop Best Buy, and maybe even my current one... Best Buy has had more toxic elements than I can tolerate these days, and with DC, there is a lot of change and training on the horizon..

Sat down with my friend Amy and worked out a plan for the next few years... Its just a bit odd thinking about all that stuff. Been working in crisis-mode for at least the last 18-months for one thing or another, and just haven't had time to think forward.. Some of the goals are pretty idealistic (like school), and others are just a bit outrageous (relationship...). Still, nothing is slated for much change until 2012. Its just a busy, busy time right now..