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My youngest brother reached out tonight, and wanted to start on his job search. He's not doing well with the university thing, and wants to start working right away. Its been about a month since my siblings and I found out about it, rather unexpectedly, but I think he's finding some desire to move forward, which I'm hopeful for.

Watching him in action, is a bit painful, as I see him stumble in my footsteps, and also working in the helping field, its a bit traumatizing to see everything in slow motion. Need to remember to be there as a brother, and not a counselor.

I have some really interesting plans the next few months. None, of course, involve moving to Vancouver or Toronto.. in the next while. We're almost half-way in 2011, and I think I'm about half-way in my transformation to the next phase of my life...

Tomorrow morning, I will be helping re-introduce my coworker back into her role, after a year on medical leave. I'm excited and terrified. There's been so much change and opportunity. Power dynamic changes again. We'll see how things go. My review is coming up in a few weeks, and that's going to be a good discussion.

And I didn't forget about Mother's Day. Got mom a 2TB hard drive. I know that sounds ridiculously uber-geeky, and I completely lied about the price I paid for it (otherwise she might not have wanted it), its what she wants. She's very pragmatic. Something useful.