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Vegas - Day 2

So didn't win today. Down about $225 today. I put in $20 at the Monte Carlo, Another $20 went I lost the first $20, and then back to Luxor, where I put in a $20, and lost that, and then lost another $80, and the last I spent was $65 which I have $14.47 left -- (Asset ID - 101598, Floor Location 064605, Validation #00-0611-3130-9452-4369). That's okay because the night before I still have the $31.30 that I got from the Luxor from starting at $20 (Asset ID - 100900, Floor Location 066203, Validation #00-1632-6728-9123-5174)

Spent the day out shopping at the Ann Taylor outlet mall. Deals weren't spectacular. Did spent about $400 on new clothes, mostly polo shirts and stuff for me. Also picked up some shoes as well. Will have to figure out the packing thing tomorrow night.

The express buses that go down the strip are actually pretty good, though they can get filled up quickly. Seems though they run frequently enough.

We split off tonight, and after dinner, did some gambling. Probably should have stayed away, but meh, it happens. Will be better tomorrow.

We saw the Jabberwoocky show at the Monte Carlo tonight, and it was okay. There were some really great moments, but there was some lacking ones as well.

Tomorrow, going to walk from our place down to the Fashion District, and possible check out old Vegas in the evening. Or maybe that's the day after. Should be good. We'll see how it goes.


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