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Bev's Graduation

Flew out to Vancouver yesterday to help celebrate the graduation of my friend Bev Huynh, and her classmates from The Art Institute of Vancouver. Really proud of her. Lots of hard work, a pinch of luck and great support all around. Success never comes alone. I was really honored to be there for her.

Check out the article that was written in the local paper --> here.

Hopefully these next few pics load, these are the three designs that she came up with. It was really neat to see the finished piece, after seeing her sketches and drawings.

It really just blew me away. I was a bit worried how to sit through a fashion show, but it was great. DJ Iron just rocked it out too. Awesome tunes, inspiring and creative setup, it was good. Took Jeanette, and she really enjoyed it too. The only down side of it all, was that my flight was 're-accommodated' due to maintenance for 5 hours, and then my new flight was 51 minutes late. Made it there on time, with only an hour to spare... Not quite the way I like to roll.

But life is about balance, and considering this was the only hiccup, can't really complain. I scheduled myself to come back early today, as I had some meetings, but both were canceled. Today went pretty smoothly as I arrived off the plane and made it to work. Shortest trip I've ever done by flight, at less than 20 hours, but well worth it. I see many more fashion shows in the future. Keep an eye out for her name. I'm willing to bet its one you'll see more and more of, in the future.