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Kelly + Trung Wedding

10/10/10. Boy was that a crazy wedding. I missed out on the first part of the day with the tea ceremony, as I wanted to prep for the MC duties (English -- Ray, Chinese -- Kitty/Jo), and setup of one of the games in the evening. From the sounds of it, they had a lot of fun with the guys trying to pass strips of seaweed between each other, among other games.

Was kind of concerned about MC duties as I've never done a wedding, and this was a Chinese wedding. Definitely to mark of the bucket list -> public speaking, MC at wedding,

Being the idiot that I am, didn't even consider renting a tux for the event until a few days before. I don't know why, but the 'only' place in town that was able to provide tux rental this late was all the way across town. Ironically, its probably the cheapest I've paid for a rental. Somewhere down the line, may need to buy one....

We had met up a few weeks ago over a case of wine, tequila and other alcohol to try to plan the games and what to say. It was a bit more exciting than usual.

We didn't start until about 7:30pm, as guests were running really late. Surprised me quite a bit, as we already had a late start of 7pm. I arrived a bit late myself, but Kitty, the matron of honor, and Johanna, the bridesmaid and I had some time to work and iron out some last minute details on the MC duties.

Because there was no church ceremony, in most peoples' eyes, during the Tea Ceremony in the morning, they were married. We started with a quick ceremony with the Justice of the Peace, in English, skipping over the Chinese portions. The JoP finished it pretty quick. It really hit Kelly, as she started tearing up as she read her vows. He was a good guy, and married actually Kitty, two years ago. Yay, married. Lets eat!

We ran through the introductions which terrified me even more in real life than in practice, as most of the names were in Chinese, and we got this about 10 minutes before we started. Trying to figure them out in English on the fly? Yah ... well, I don't even remember what I was saying near the end of it.. Everyone was hungry, and we got through it pretty quick.

Ground rules. Kissing game. Thou shall not clink glass and have newlyweds kiss without prior demonstrating how thou should kiss first. Ummm .. yah ... we did this at the last wedding, and I suspect, this is why I was asked to be one of the MCs for the evening. Keep the rule in mind.

Food came out really quick and interrupted our flow for the most part, but I think the restaurant wants to get everyone out by 10pm. That's just how they work. We had some things based on timing, but you learn to go with the flow.

First game --> Find the husband. While Kelly changed to one of her other dresses, we hid Trung in one of the back tables. Kitty gave instructions in Chinese and I gave it in English. She had a minute to find him, and we had everyone wave their napkins around as to distract and hide the groom. Took a bit to actually find him, and she passed by his table almost completely before finding him. Very cute.

Skip to food.

Second Game --> TVB guessing game. TVB is a TV station found in HK, and broadcasts these shows and as Kelly is an avid watcher, we wanted to see if Trung kept up with Kelly in watching these series. I had a list of 10 series. It was funny to see him struggle a bit, but he got most of them after some help. This was actually a bigger hit than I thought. Prize --> Trung gets to kiss Kelly if he gets them all right, otherwise he has to drink.

01. Journey to the West 西遊記 Sai Yau Kay
02. Heart of Greed 溏心風暴 Tong Sam Fung Bo
03. Some Day 天天天晴 Tin Tin Tin Qing
04. Rosy Business 巾幗梟雄 Gan Gok Hiu Hung
05. The Bund 上海滩 Seung Hoi Tan
06. Jewel in the Palace 대장금 (大長今) Dae Jang Geum
07. Revolving Door of Vengenance 酒店風雲 Jau Dim Fung Wan
08. The Mysteries of Love 談情說案 tàahm chìhng syut on
09. At Home With Love 樓住有情人 Lau Chu Yau Ching Yan
10. Born Rich 富貴門 Fu Gui Moon (annoying English insert song)

More food, newlyweds going around for a toast at each table.

Third Game -- Question Game

We stymied both Kelly and Trung with a list of 20 questions. Trung shared some great stories, and he wanted a prize for each one. So what did we do? If we, thought, that they were wrong, they had to kiss someone of the same sex. I think I ended up kissing Trung a few times. Of course, this was my idea. If they got it right, they had to kiss each other. At a few points, we were dragging lots of male guest up the stage for kissing. No one was immune. Not even Trung's dad. Kitty wanted more kissing action, so I went around and got a 4 yr old son to kiss his father, and so Trung had to kiss his dad, no, not once, but twice.

Are you laughing yet? Well, lets not leave out Kelly and the bride. There were a few answers we thought she got wrong, and so she had to do some kissing too. Giving the groom the mic at this point was the best thing ever. LOL

I don't think anyone saw this coming. Even now, I can't help but laugh. The pictures are going to be hilarious.

Fourth Game -- The Kissing Game.

By now, I think everyone was loosened up. We got about 12 girls to come up and kiss a blindfolded and sitting Trung on the cheek. He had to figure out who his wife was. We put a few guys in to mix it up. Poor Trung, couldn't guess his wife. This is a hard game.

Fifth Game -- Chubby Butt Monkey Feeling Game.

This was the funniest game of all. We switched it up and blindfolded Kelly. She sat down on a chair similar to Trung, and each guy stuffed with marshmallows walked by Kelly, said, "I love you", and then turned around for Kelly to grab their butt. If you think this is hilarious to imagine, you'll have to see this in person. I will hopefully get pics soon. We put Trung up first, and then had to reduce it down to 3 guys. Just seeing Kelly grabbing butts like kneading dough at times was just too funny.

Cake cutting came next, and then a speech from Trung's sister before a thank you from Trung.

At this point, it was a little disappointing as a few of the back tables were already packing up to leave and making lots of noise and being disrespectful. And no, I don't think it was the alcohol. I still don't understand...

We did the bouquet toss, only one girl kinda ran to grab it. The garter toss was next, and Trung had a bit of trouble with the garter with his mouth. LOL. The garter was shot back towards my direction, but luckily I bumped the best man forward. A little trick I used a few weddings ago.

Wrapped up, and helped a bit with cleanup before heading home. Mission accomplished. Congrats Trung Truong and Kelly Tran.


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Oct. 22nd, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)
Only you could bring 'Trouble' to a wedding... *shakes head*
Oct. 23rd, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
LOL. I don't think I'll ever be sharing pics from this wedding... =P
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