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Today will be an interesting week. I took today off, as I was called in to work on Saturday. Working and getting called in, mucks up my routine. So far, finishing laundry, and adding DVDs to my DVD list. Probably some cleaning, but mostly a pretty boring day.

Friday is a half-day, Parade Day. Stampede kicks off, and the office is closed in the morning. I still intend to try to come uber-early and get a few hours in, and leave before the parade is done.

Yesterday a friend came back into town to visit. This was the only chance to get to see them with all my work commitments in play. A bit a reunion of sorts. Some friends I haven't seen in years. Good to hear how things have progressed, changed or just not changed. New relationships and life transitions mostly. Found it a bit disturbing that some of my closer Calgary friends, I haven't hung out with since Vancouver, which was about 5 months ago..

One of the callers I had the other night, was looking for a job, and I went into how I go about getting a job, and how aggressive I get. Cold-calling, sending out hundreds of resumes, etc.. For a split second, I thought.. Hmmm ... maybe if I applied that to my personal life, that might lead to some changes, or at least some options in a partner... Only for a second ... before I returned to the call.

Anyway, weather is great, and will probably go for a run before the day is up. I think, with the wedding present, I am looking at some gift-certificates as some options rather than the iPad. The couple is pretty tech-savvy, but get more of the feeling, its just not a great fit...