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Works too much....

Just got off of work a few hours ago and now I am back at my 'real' job. We are a bit short this weekend due to the canada day on the Thursday and people taking the Friday off for a an extra long weekend.

Not surprised, but my luck of the draw and I have been called in to work. I am hoping to leave around 10pm, but will stay until 1am if I have to....

Princess is in town to visit but I haven't had a chance to see her as I have been working every spare moment since she got here. I know she's not happy with it, but she understands. Stlll. I will get to see her tomorrow night. I am starting to get that sense when one gets older it's a lonelier journey.

Caught up with a few friends recently. Great to see their jar work really pay off. Every day is a miracle as my friend mike would say. I am really proud of my one friend who is probably reading this and their new career oppertunities overseas. At least, partially or potentially. A few have new jobs or in school programs. So lots of congrats are in order.

Spent time with some high school friends. It's hard to say that it's been over 10 years since high school and almost another decade more knowing then. My one friend Amanda has a very nice rock on her finger with diamonds all around. Pretty sweet. She seemed a bit lonely as when she started talking as we met up in airdrie, she talked for about 3 hours straight. Probably also means we need to visit more. She was always very pragmatic and direct and to the point. Sometimes yelling at me for a fashion faux-paux or something I did. Girls do mature faster than guys.

Been struggling with the retail gig for a few weeks since I've gotten back and I am putting my foot down. Just not cleaning up after people any more and holding people accountable. I just don't understand how people just become so lazy and lethargic. Medocrity is never good enough and is just a sign of laziness. U wouldn't mind so much if it was slow, but when taking lunch and smoke breaks in the middle of a busy rush? Come on...

Good thing they don't get feedback or assessments from me.

My sister is hosting her anime dress up picnic today, and so hopefully that goes well. Not sure what turn out will be like but if my siblings are organizing it, it should be fine. Not sure wha the pictures look like, but I am sure sone will surface on the interweb

All-in-all, I don't really hav anything to complain about. One of my coworkers talke about waking up to the police breaking down his door and pointing their guns at him while he was in bed. Apparently his mom was depressed and called a friend, and they called the police. And because there was an incident that happened recently and nearby involving a Vietnamese family, they assumed it was him. It's pretty funny to laugh at now, but I think I would have peed my pants if that were to happen to me. Too funny. Good thing he wasn't doing anything illegal.. Lol

So this is how small calgary is for me. My coworker wad
Trying to get rid of some football tickets and I texted my football addict of a friend who I haven't talked to in a long time. Went home after work and one of my brothers friends said that she met the friend I texted which was even weirder as I only texted that person on that day. Seems that my brothers friend and my football friend were at this other friends place, who I also happened to know, as she was hosting a house-warming.... Interesting....

A few coworkers are out white water rafting this weekend. Would have went, but trying to set some good boundaries, as I have a hard enough time trying to connect with certain friends...

Calgary Stampede starts next week. Time to dust off the cowboy boots and rodeo gear. Haven't decided whether I will be joining in...

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