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More Toronto...

Yesterday, went downtown and just wandered around just to get out of the house. Weather was okay. Got to check out the hockey hall of fame and check out the puck that Sydney Crosby used to score the gold medal winning goal earlier this year. Funny enough, I was talking to the guy keeping an eye on it, and then got distracted by a local CTV reporter who asked if I had any Canadian tire money. Sadly no. I still have over a few hundred pictures from the hockey hall of fame. Picked up some souvenirs as well.

By the time I left it was getting to be rush hour so I sat in a coffee shop for a while to recharge my iPhone and then wandered down Spadina and around Chinatown before circling back to Dundas and Yonge Square. Met up with Debby, and we went down to Asian Bowl for supper. One of the three or four jobs she works at along with going to school. We parted ways after a few hours and headed home

Today, I am just waiting for a friend J, and then we are headed down to St Laurence? Market. I took a perk yesterday accidently wandering that way, but saved the experience for today. It's been a week since I've been in Calgary, and it's really felt like a vacation. There's a lot of things on my plate when I get back home, but it will still be nice to sleep in my own bed

Tomorrow, headed to Niagara Falls and Buffalo before going home. Should be a blast. Joline and Mike have been such incredible hosts and made me feel at home. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be back around this way sooner rather than later.