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Toronto Trip

Didn't do any packing for Toronto, until the morning of, and that was before visiting grandma.

Got to the airport, took an evening flight, filled with kids, and arrived in Toronto around 11pm local time. I really don't like flights filled with kids, and though I did have an aisle seat, I couldn't really sleep on the plane very long. Only slept about half-hour.

Mike picked me up from the airport, and you could feel the humidity when you walked out of the plane. +30*C sure beat the winter-ish weather when leaving Calgary. Picked up a crap-load of Bernard Callebeau chocolate for some gifts here. So far so good. Heheh.

Saturday, just chilled out and relaxed. I really can't recall what I did. Just hang out, and got a tour of the town. Helped out with some housework and with the ugly yellow grass in both the back and front yard. Mike lives in Milton, and it is the fastest growing city in North America for the last few years, and you can really see why. Brilliant green spaces, and lots of young families. The new house they reside in, is less than a year old, and its great seeing all the young people around. The grass with a little fertilizer and a little love is looking better already. There's a few yellow patches, but we should be getting that resolved as well.

Met some of their friends here in town. Joline, Mike's wife, is helping out Christine and Hani with wedding stuff. Her years of wedding planning in Edmonton (previous residence) has paid dividends. Poor Hani, I am not really sure if he knows what he is getting himself into. He'll figure it out... lol. It was a pretty relaxing day, and just chilling out. I don't speak Arabic, but some emotions and feelings are universal. Particularly when watching a hockey game.

Sunday, slept in, didn't sleep as well, but that's more my fault than anything I think. Too much caffeine too late a tonight. Sunday was a bit of a wash too, and then ended up going out for Chinese food. Went to Asian Legend up in North York. Joline, being pregnant, we weren't going to chance it with some ghetto asian place downtown. We picked up my friend Debby, as I hadn't seen her yet, and we picked her up downtown. Boy, is traffic crazy. The place we also had to wait in line for about half-hour, and that was rough, but definitely well worth it.

We were more than stuff that evening. Felt like I had to waddle out of the restaurant when we left. I got the bill, and did end up meeting Dave, Debby's bf, after 11 years. Next day, I went out to Toronto, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Walked about 6-7km up from Union Station up to Summerdale or something like that. It was really hot out. Took the Go-Train for the first time, and bought a wrong pass by accident. Oh well, still putting it to use. Waited around for about 8pm for my friend J to get off. She met up with Debby and I, at this place called Hana Lounge right off St Mary's and Yonge for food. It was great catching up. Being as the two girls clicked last time too...

In the past year, I've seen her more than I have seen her in the last 10 years. Started to rain when I left, but missed the rain, and took a train back to Mississauga where my buddy picked me up. It was a long day, but nice to spend with friends.

The last two days have been pretty quiet. Yesterday, going to a local place for dinner. THink Earls or Moxies, but with Italian fresco's inside, and nicer food. The menu is great, but just too big. They need to cut it down, as the food took a while to come out.

Yesterday spent time doing computer stuff, and updating Mike's new mac. I think it runs better, and he has some new toys. There was also his new business cards which I helped him out with, but we had some issues with printing. Kind of sucks when the colors aren't right, or the website template isn't as intuitive as one would think...

Today, I hung out again in Mississauga, as Joline was meeting up to helping Christine with wedding stuff. The malls are kind of different than the ones in Alberta. A few more higher end boutique stores, and reminded me of Metrotown in Vancouver, or rather Burnaby. I think I saw Victoria Secret store opening up in the fall. I have no doubt it will be quite popular. As I had time to kill, I went to the theatre and watched the new Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe. First half-hour/45 minutes is pretty good, but just goes down hill pretty fast
Came back to Milton, back to Joline + Mike's place, and we had supper, and then dropped by BB and dropped off Joline's computer for repair. We also picked up some stuff. Met some of the staff. Mike and Joline thought it was pretty funny how I treated some of the staff, but that's just how I work I think. Just get things done. Ah well, I guess, if they were amused. I am not looking forward to using the new POS system when I get back... I can't do anything about it anyway...

Not really sure what the plans are tomorrow, but Friday I am spending with J. She's single again, and I am interested. I doubt I have a chance, but can't hurt to try. Hopefully the weather is nice for us to hang out. *crosses fingers*.

There's also Saturday where we are headed to Niagara Falls/Buffalo, so that should be a great adventure. And then back home to Calgary....

I think I am going to miss it here... But still have a few days to cause some trouble. If anyone has any recommendations for Toronto, and area and things to do, lemme know... More updates to come soon...--Ray



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Jun. 3rd, 2010 01:24 pm (UTC)
*thumbs up*

Give it your best shot man!
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