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Clogged and stuck...

Came home tonight, after a long day of working both jobs, to some issues at home. First the sink downstairs wouldn't stop running, and next, the washing machine wasn't working and jammed up. The sink was an easy $20 fix from walmart, though all the parts were plastic. Its okay though, that sink rarely gets any use at all.

Next up was the washing machine. I can fix computers, and never took apart a washing machine. Seemed jammed to my brothers and I, so we started to disassemble. Looks like we got it, and some kind of jam at the bottom of the machine, which ironically would have been a 5minute fix, but we took the long way around and dissected pieces, and unsuccessfully tried to take it apart completely.

Both are fixed and now working. We are a family that thrives on crisis. Its all done. Unfortunately, its not our first experience with this kind of stuff (well, except washing machine).

Guess it serves me right. I picked up a 'hard case' energizer flashlight with a pivoting head, and multiple color light streams. I thought it was kind of funky, and the whole waterproof thing with pivoting head was a bonus. Used it lots tonight. Serves me right for buying tools that I would have to use right away .. =P

This is the kind of week its been for me. My retail job, my boss was is gone, as the 'position is no longer available'. Not a surprise, and probably a good opportunity for him to start fresh. A sigh of relief. I struggled a bit with his attitude, and behavior, but attempted to correct it. Unfortunately, too little too late. Comes with the territory. Either do your job, or you won't have one for long. Especially in this market.

Stirring the pot is not new for me, but doing it so much lately has been a bit of a challenge. AGM at the DCC was this week, and we have a new Chair on our Board of Directors. Pretty smart guy, and will lead us to the future. Its exciting, and really humbling to be working with people like him. I don't know how much longer I'll be with the agency, but while I am, I still am giving it as much as I can. Transitional pieces seem to start to be in place for a few things.

I trained up a new staff member early this week, and its been a big relief that she's been so helpful. She's a former colleague from last summer, but I'm really glad that she is back and part of the team. In some ways, I feel more at ease at letting things go. There's a lot of change with my position, and I've trained up more than enough senior/training volunteers to fulfill a need. All in one week. Sometimes, its more than maddening, and matters of the heart just seem to work that way.

Training those volunteers on Monday was a great feeling. I really connected and hit it home with my presentation. I don't think I've done public speaking like in a while, and it just energizes you. Most importantly though, I'm really proud of my volunteers, and to see how much they've grown, and how they push you as well. Its an honor and privilege. Now if only I can transfer it to some lazy ass folks at work ... =P