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Random Updates

Been way too long. Still alive. Still working two jobs.

- Management has been switched around in the store. Will be interesting to see how all the pieces fall in place. As always, those who can't adapt to change or unwilling/unable to perform will be moved.

- Samsung's new 3D TV is sick. Can't pop out at you, but does give you depth. We have a 55" demo in the store (TV here), and the USB charging glasses are better than Sony's battery ones, which apparently are costing $8/battery for 12hrs of 3D time. So far we've sold one (started yesterday), but should be interesting..

- My real job has been good and busy. There was a board meeting on Wednesday, and I was a topic on the agenda. They approved a raise for me. Its a really huge deal, as I know no one else will be getting one, it is humbling and bittersweet. Some job changes are coming, and its like a bomb blowing up, it'll be interesting to see where the pieces will land.

- Possibly new opportunity around the corner. *crosses fingers*. If that works out, I will share, if not, there's nothing to share...

- When Canada won the gold medal in men's olympic hockey, I was working at the store, and watching it on OMNI (Asian Channel), and they were broadcasting it in Cantonese. Apparently CTV was on a five second delay, because when Canada scored, we were celebrating before the rest of the store. Hearing the commentators yell 'Ai Yah' when Luongo made a save was priceless. Even all the non-Asian's were laughing.

- HK stars Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Ronald Cheng were secretly married and now divorced. Meh. Charlene was too good for him anyway --> Check out clip here.

- Constance McMillen is awesome. Its so sad to see how ignorant people can be about love and be afraid of it, rather than embrace and share it...

- Alberta government. They should cut their own salaries before touching AlbertaWorks. They put together that program without proper oversight, gave away money like a tap during the boom days, and now just cut it off without anything in its place. Sounds like things are working out quite well.

- Contemplating May - trip to Vegas ....


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Mar. 28th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
O.O does this mean you're moving?!?
Mar. 30th, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
No... at least not yet...
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