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On The Way....

*Yawn. On the way to Mexico soon. Flight isn't for another 5 hours, but wanted to be at the airport just in case. Meeting the rest of the travelling crew in another 2 hours or so. I think this could be an expensive trip. Its all inclusive, and while I will be exploring a few things outside of the resort, I don't plan to spend too much.. Still, even being all inclusive doesn't mean I'll be cheap. Tipping is important, just like bartering...

Only bringing 5 bills, which, by the way, American money doesn't feel real at all. Makes me feel like ripping them in half... Texture is kind of weird, and just seems too easy to counterfeit.

Found myself a sweet spot at the YYC airport, right beside the Virgin bookstore and across from Bernard Callebaut, with these nice(r) black chairs, I have power jacks and also USB powered plugins too. Will have to remember this for future travel, though if I am not so stupid crazy, I probably shouldn't be here in the morning.

I'm excited. First time, and will be a blast. A week is a pretty long time, so I'm not sure how I'll be filling it just quiet yet. Biggest thing for my friend rainfall_mt is that I don't get married down there, and I don't have a sunburn before Friday. It'll be fine...

Will miss the email and facebook, and will try to stay offline. But maybe a post here or there, depending on what's going on. See you in a week or sooner. --Ray