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Resolution ... Me...

Can't even believe we're 10 days into 2010. Been a bit of a ride already.

This year, is the year of me. Selfish, greedy, or maybe just .. time to take care of me. There's a lot of plans I have in the works, key word being "I". End of 2009, things were starting to come to a head, and some prospects were interesting, both personally and professionally.

I'm excited for rainfall_mt's wedding down in Mexico. Should be exciting. All inclusive resort.. Somehow I think I won`t be staring down at the bottle as much as I think. She did ask two things from me. Not to get sunburnt before her wedding and not to get married down there during that time... I think my reputation has outlasted many recent stories... Hilariously enough, I did a quick check of my wardrobe, and it seriously lacked any summer clothes, so I`ve been ordering online and picking up some board shorts online.. Fashion and clothing shopping scare me.

In an effort to take care of myself, I booked some vacation time already this year. First, will be the Valentine`s Day weekend in Vancouver. Its also the start of the 2010 games, so it`ll be nice just to part of the atmosphere. I don`t think I`ll fork out money for tickets for the exuberantly priced events, but chance of a lifetime..

Toronto is third up for early March. I had a decent visit in October, but didn`t really take time to do much outside of the core, so maybe I can do more.. Maybe watch the Leafs lose... Hehehe...

Financially, still cracking at some bills, and its looking much better. Usually don`t have an issue, and the new year is a great start, but I spend a lot on useless things. Trying to cut back. You can`t put a price on catching up with friends, so been doing more of that. I have asked for some hours to be cut a bit at work (`big blue`), and so I have tomorrow off. Helping a friend with grad school stuff. I can`t remember the last time I`ve had a Sunday off and not worked (other than vacation...)