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Toronto Trip




Debby and Jean. Met up with both of them in T.O. Was a pretty fun trip. I worked the Wednesday afternoon/evening, so I got up around 11:30am. Didn't end up sleeping until much, much later...

It was a busy evening to work, as I had to help out with some developmental training for volunteers. Very informative training, and I think one, will have to repeat soon, about documentation and proper protocol. Makes me feel a bit embarrassed. But its a learning.. You don't really know unless you get feedback.

I went straight to the airport right after work, and planned to sleep on the 12:40am flight to T.O. Also, Westjet was upgrading their systems to be compatible with Southwest Airlines, so they were experiencing some problems. I had no issues, and boarded the flight. Arrived in Toronto, caught a cab down to my hotel, which took a while. I've never seen the 401 before, and I understand why everyone dreads it. I found that T.O. was so ahead with certain things, but so far behind in others.... I really don't understand the transit infrastructure, but I stayed downtown, so it wasn't an issue. I'm sure I could have rode the transit/subway, but walking around gave me a sense of direction...

So I tried checking in early to my hotel, the Marriott Residence Inn at about 7am. Except they were full. That was my bad, by not making earlier arrangements, but never had issues in the past. So left my bags there, and went across the street to the Starbucks, and hung out for a few hours. Once the morning crowd started to come in, I figured some of the shops were now open, and started to walk down towards Yonge Street. Wandered around for a few more hours, until I met up with Jean. She was running a bit late, but it was so wonderful to see her.

We were going to go for lunch at the Salad King, but Debby gave me a good scolding, and after all, she was working at a Thai/Viet restaurant, so might as well as go to somewhere where we know someone is working, so we headed down to Asian Bowl instead. Had lunch, and kept Debby company, until afterwards, Jean and I walked back to my hotel to check in. Massive, gorgeous, bigger than some apartments I've seen. I was really happy with it. Minus checking in, but that's minor. Its just two blocks from the Roger's Centre, and the CN Tower. Not too far from most things, especially clubs and such. Nice to have a kitchen, though I didn't take advantage of anything but the microwave... lol

We headed back and grabbed some Belgian Waffles (which seemed to be extremely popular for/during/after nights of drinking. Saw lots of ppl grab these on Saturday night during my roaming around downtown). Afterwards, we did some shopping, and girls clicked. Which was a huge sigh of relief. Was kinda worried, and a big fear, especially since both of them were only available that day. I think they'll be hanging out again soon. They're both very sweet and wonderful. Debby's told me, if her relationship with her bf doesn't work out, she'll marry me... lol

Jean left us a little later that night, and I met up with Debby's brother and sister in law. We ended up checking and doing some shopping at Future Shop and Best Buy, before going down to some Korean fusion place for food.

We (Debby, her friend Mimi, and I) went down to a fashion show. Mimi has a friend named Salem, who is a fashion designer, and was putting on a show for a Scarborough Youth Shelter. First time at one of these things, and still felt under dressed. LOL... But it was good fun, just to check everything out. I pulled out all the bills out of my wallet, and donated them to the cause ... Wasn't much .. but its important to be supportive...
Fashion was good. The girls got some free heels, and it was neat to check out. There was a good crowd, probably around 350-400 people. People from a variety of backgrounds. And a lot of the models were gorgeous too.

By this time, I was up for about 36hrs, and finally I went back to my hotel room, I crashed, and slept like a baby. I knew it was going to be a struggle, but you make time for what's important and especially WHO is important.

The next day was pretty lax, and I slept in until late, ate some breakfast and headed back to Yonge Street where Debby works at a spa. Its one of the largest ones in Toronto, and pretty high-end. She got me a discount, and so I signed up for a massage with Duncan. It was good. The weather was crap afterwards, when I decided to wander around and do some shopping.. My dress shoes were already falling apart and I've been meaning to buy another pair, but that night, kinda was the last straw, when it seems like I felt more dry wearing my socks outside than my shoes which seemed to be retaining water.. Looked around and didn't see any deals, and wandered back to the Bay. Got a pretty good deal on my Rockports at the Bay considering the atrocious tax that Ontario residents pay (12-13?%). Picked up an umbrella as well. Need to stock an umbrella when I am travelling. Keep forgetting that except for Alberta, when it rains, it doesn't stop... I think I saw as much rain there as I did in Vancouver...

Met up with Debby for sushi, and pretty much called it a night. I took a long, long detour, and walked down Dundas and around Spidina up to King, probably an extra 20-25 min on top of my usual route, to get back. A bit of a shady-er area, which probably I should stop doing, and bumped into Chinatown. Didn't really get a feel for it until the next day....

The third day, was Saturday, and I was to meet up with Mike and Joline. Poor Joline being sick, she stayed home and Mike nursed her until he me up with me later on. I wandered around Chinatown for the morning and mid-afternoon. You can get some crazy deals, but some really sketchy stuff as well. Debby recommended Pacific Mall, which I might have to check out next time...

Mike and I caught up over drinks at Gretzky's restaurant and went down to Shoeless Joe's for a few more. Walked around a bit and caught up. I wanted to make sure I saw these three people at least when I was there, so it was good when I was able to catch up with Mike... We chatted a lot, and talked about futures, and struggles and some plans for the upcoming next while. I have some homework to to, but I am looking forward to some choices. It has been, and was way overdue. This is not going to happen again..

I've been examining some changes in my life for the last 3 months, and having some conversations with Mike that night certainly helped clarify a few things, and what tasks I need to evaluate before proceeding. I think know its that time....

Toronto was a good trip. As with all my trips, its always about the people rather than the places or activities and this is the same as well.... I am already looking forward to my trip to Vancouver in a few weeks... Its already feels odd to be back in Calgary...


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Oct. 27th, 2009 04:51 am (UTC)
Awesome man, sound like a kick ass time there... I'm envious
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