September 13th, 2015



Started a new job about a few months ago. Its been an interesting ride. Been a chance to open my eyes and see the world with the blinds open a bit more.

Job has been great. Forced me to actually find a bit more of life-balance. That's been very interesting. The best way to describe it is detox. Trying to figure out what that might look like. Been stripping away to see what is left and bare. Its a bit shocking to see where my health and confidence level are at. Lots of things just don't connect or fit anymore. Sometimes its just a matter of figure things out from the ground up. I am really blessed in this economic climate to have a job and a chance to grow and move forward.

I find people and their stories fascinating and interesting, and I think I'm going to start writing them down here so I can remember..

One of older colleague (HS) used to work at a company, and was seconded to work at a non-profit. He did this two years in a row. Second year, after returning to the company, and even having the flexibility for a promotion, transfer or change, decided that it wasn't a fit. He called the non-profit to see what opportunities were available and how he could help.

Another colleague (KC) used to work at a pharmaceutical startup. Before that she was working front-line helping and assisting women who were on the street. From there, it sounds like she's worked a diverse number of experiences, from nursing to finishing her MBA, and running marketing campaigns for alcohol companies.She mentioned to me that she worked hard and every position she worked, she wanted to grow and learn how to do business better. She said that every step forward she wanted to know how to run a business and how to take that expertise and skill to move forward.

There's another one (MG), who although enjoys fishing a lot has moved across the world to give his children a better education and move away from apartheid. Its really interesting to hear it from a perspective as a white South African. Over the last few months, I've learned that South African's apartheid program has some roots from the horrific residential school program that the Indigenous people living on Canadian lands had to suffer from. To hear it was a very conscious and deliberate choice that moving away was the right decision for his family was eyeopening. To hear his perspective that those who initially benefited from being ignorant and 'righteous' but didn't choose to move forward and sit within their own ignorance and racism was comforting.
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