January 20th, 2010


Mexico Day 1 + 2

Its a blast so far. Caught up with my dear friend Johanna, and she dropped me off at the airport. The flight was 7am, and we were there at 4am to check in, to US customs. Wasn't very long, and just hung out at the airport for a few hours. A stranger bought a few of the guys drinks because Reg and Melissa were getting married.

We flew down to Houston, and had a stopover at the restaurant there called "Real Food". Big servings, lots of salted food, and watered down beer, at least that's what the guys drinking budweiser was saying. Lots of fun with the guys, and we were making a lot of off handed comments, and I'm kinda surprised we got out of Houston alive.

Flying into Cancun was another few hours, and filling out immigration was kind of weird, but its all good. We were hassled as soon as we left the airport with time share stuff, but we made it out without buying anything. We got to the resort around 7:30pm, but it was dark and we couldnt' see much of the resort. I will share pics when I get back. Food is pretty good, and I think I'm going golfing tomorrow. There's lots to do, and we'll probably check out some ruins. I need to pick up some trinkets, but staying away from the resort stuff, as its overly priced...

We've already drank the bar dry out of Budweiser a few times, and there's some really great pictuers. Its quite a wonderful resort. I am quite happy with things here overall. Nothign really to complain abuot except that the bars close at 11pm, and only open at 10am.

I'm really happy and proud of Melissa and Reg, and to share this with them is an absolute pleasure. I am kind of dreading leaving, even though it is day 2. Its a great resort, and I can see myself coming back... or at least checking out their sister resorts.

I am tempted to explore a bit more of Playa del Carmen, especially as I forgot to bring my battery and miniUSB cable to charge my camera, so I want to be able to take lots of pics. Might have to make a pit stop tomorrow before golfing. Wedding is on friday, and we're looking to do a few tours this weekend. Didn't really wanted to spend too much down here, but I think its worth it. Just means have to spend less later...

I heard that Mike (aka morpheus_23 won't be able to join us, but I hope to see him soon. Wish him all the best. I am already super dark, and I dread how dark I come back.

Cheers. --Ray